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Bring your pet!

We love to welcome your dog, cat or other pets on board of our aircraft. We take special care of them and with JetServiceNL they do not have to be in a cage as long as the safety on board can be guaranteed.

JetServiceNL is DEFRA apporved for flights into most UK airports. Because animal transport to the UK is strickly regulated, animals - including pets - are only permitted to arrive at specific airports in the UK with the correct documents and only with accredited operators such as JetServiceNL. 


So don't hesitate and take you best friend with you. 

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Please contact us if you wish to bring your pet and we will make sure all will be arranged accordingly. 

Please see below the information which should be included in the pets passport for flights into the UK: 

  • Ownership details

  • Description of animal

  • Microchipping details

  • Issuing vet page of passport

  • Rabies vaccination (must wait 21 days after vaccination)

  • Tapeworm treatment (24-120 hours before arrival)

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