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Flying private: an ideal solution for business travel!

Are you a business traveler and unsure whether you should fly private or commercial? We, at JetServiceNL, made a list of all the advantages of flying to your destination with a private jet.

As a business traveler, you obviously do not want to stand in long queues, wait at busy airports or have dozens of people around you when you try to make an important phone call. That is why flying with a private jet is the ultimate solution! Business travelers use a private jet for various and functional reasons. These reasons are listed below.

The first one might also be the most important one: time-saving. You can save time in many different ways. First of all, you do not have to be at the airport 2 to 2.5 hours in advance of your flight, but 15 to 30 minutes is more than enough time prior departure. In addition, you save a lot of time due to the short check-in time. Would you like to be home again and be with your family in the evening? With a private jet you can easily fly back and forth within one day.

2. Comfortable working environment

When you fly with a private jet, you can always make use of the VIP terminals. These are different terminals than the large "main" terminals you go to when you fly commercial. These VIP terminals are fully equipped for a relaxed and comfortable start of your journey. Not ready for your important presentation yet? No problem! Wi-Fi is available at almost every VIP terminal. In some cases, this is even present on the plane. If not, this can often be purchased.

3. Closer to your destination due to regional airports

A private jet has a much wider choice of airports than a regular airline. There are about 2,000 airports in Europe that you can fly to with a private jet. Of course, we go further than just Europe! This can ensure that you can land closer to your destination and so you have less travel time on the ground. A car with driver or helicopter on arrival can also be arranged to make everything go even faster!

4. Make a stop along the way

Imagine you have an appointment in Madrid, but there are two more employees at another appointment in Paris? With a short stop they can be picked up and you can continue with your flight to Madrid. This also gives you the chance to discuss the last details with your colleagues before your meeting.

5. Flexibility

Is your meeting running late? Or did it end earlier than you expexted? In most cases this is no problem at all. The jet will be waiting for you instead of you waiting for the jet! You can choose to explore the city immediately after the meeting or just go straight home.

6. Amazing VIP food and drinks

Traveling in a private jet is not complete without catering. Depending on the type of aircraft and the flight, it may sometimes be the case that there is a flight attendant on board. He/she will makes sure your flights runs smooth and you will get what you need. This ensures that you can start the day with a full stomach, or you can continue the Friday afternoon drink on the flight back home.

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