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Where do you go on your next winter sports holiday?

The ski season is almost there! Enjoy the white slopes, some lunch with beautiful views and a drink during apres-ski. One goes down the mountain with his skis, while the other shows his skills on his snowboard. Winter sports ensure that you can enjoy unlimited fresh air, the snow and beautiful surroundings.

There are many different winter sports areas all around the world. In addition to the many possibilities within the well-known European winter sports areas, there are also numerous possibilities in Japan, the United States, Canada and even New Zealand. We will show you a few beautiful destinations where you might be able to go this year!


Niseko in Japan offers a unique skiing experience beyond the usual amazing culinary experiences. In this ski resort you will find the world's best and driest snow on the slopes. What also makes it special, is that this area is located on the coast of the Hokkaido peninsula and therefore offers a beautiful view from the mountain. Here you can eat the best sushi instead of a schnitzel on the mountain. The fish you eat there is as fresh as the air you breathe. The apres-ski ends in a karaoke bar and to relax you can go to one of the natural hot springs of Mount Yotei.


The mountain areas on the South Island are high in the Southern Alps. They catch snow from early June until October. New Zealand is known for being one of the most respected ski countries in the Southern Hemisphere.

Cardrona is considered one of the best ski areas in the country. This place attracts many of the world's best ski instructors, freeriders and freestylers every year. There is a good chance that you can toast with Olympic freestyle athletes during apres-ski.


This country is known for its snowfall, the lightest powder in the world and a welcoming culture. In and around the mountains you can encounter different wildlife, such as reindeer and bears.

You can explore the wilderness by snowmobile or be taken to the most beautiful places by helicopter.

The ski resorts in Canada are quiet, large and offer beautiful views. The most famous areas are Whistler, Jasper and Banff. Whistler is the best place to ski and snowboard. When you choose Jasper or Banff, you stay in a national park.


Winter sports in Iceland are different from other parts of Europe. It is a pure experience for different types of travelers. Nature lovers can enjoy fresh powder snow, adventurers can go cat skiing on the Troll peninsula and those seeking for calmness, will feel at home on the small-scale slopes. The ski slopes are quiet, spacious and offer beautiful views. Besides winter sports there is much more to experience, such as snowmobiling through the volcanic landscape of Myvatn, whale watching or of course seeing the Northern Lights if you are lucky.

Where do you go next?

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