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Where to go next?

You want to travel, but you don't know where to go yet? There are many destinations you can go to, not only within Europe, but also intercontinental. Even the destinations that are not so familiar; we can bring you there too!

Met een privé jet naar dit fantastische strand in Azië

That is why we want to show you some of the most beautiful places in the world, where we can take you! The Maldives, Seychelles and Philippines are beautiful and well-known places. But have you ever heard of Karimunjawa, Mauritius or Raja Ampat?

All these beautiful places are of course easy to go to with a commercial flight, but what about you avoid those long waiting times and busy airports by flying private? JetServiceNL is not only specialized in chartering their own aircraft, but can also help you with intercontinental flights! That way you can skip the busy airports and long queues.

Flying with a private jet to the other side of the world? This is possible, however not with all jets. For example, with a Heavy Jet you can go across the Atlantic Ocean, but with an Ultra Long Range you can fly all the way to Asia!

Een luxe privé jet (private jet) voor al je charter vluchten. Dit is een heavy jet.

A Heavy Jet is a large aircraft with a range of approximately 7,400 kilometers. You can easily fly from Amsterdam to New York without a fuel stop.

The Ultra Long Range Jet on the other hand, goes even further. With a range of approximately 12,000 kilometers, this private jet flies you to Singapore with ease!

Skiing in Aspen

Aspen is America's largest and most famous ski resort located in the Rockies. Between the more than three thousand meters of mountain peaks you will find fantastic powder snow, slopes for every type of skiier and a beautiful view. Now you may be wondering: can't I just get on the plane to the Alps? Yes, ofcourse you can. But there is a difference. Where it is often busy in the Alps, you do not see this happen as often in Aspen. There are hardly any waiting times at the lifts and many accommodations are located on the slopes, according to the famous ski-in ski-out principle.

Curious about the options to fly to Aspen, Colorado with a private jet? Click here and request more information.

Or do you prefer a city trip to New York?

This city is not called the capital of the world for nothing! New York is a city full of sights, culture and even nature. Which season you decide to go, each has its own charm. At Christmas you will be flooded by all the Christmas lights and in the spring you can enjoy a picnic in Central Park. This city has so much to offer! With a Heavy Jet you can be in the middle of the impressive Times Square within 7 to 8 hours!

Business trip to HongKong

It should come as no surprise, but flying with a private jet is often done by business travelers. Business travel usually means that you have to work and that requires high flexibility. How does it sound if you can open your laptop in your jet, without any problems, when you are on your way to a meeting in one of the world's largest trading cities? Does that meeting seem to have a delay? Or do you decide to enjoy the center of Hong Kong last minute? We will be waiting for you!

Tired of all those meetings? No worries! During the return flight you can enjoy an extensive meal and afterwards you can close your eyes on a comfortable bed.

Beach holiday to the Seychellen

Looking for the perfect bounty beaches for your annual getaway to the sun? Or a fantastic destination for your honeymoon? The Seychelles are what dreams are made of! With its white sandy beaches, azure blue sea and palm trees, it is not just fun to relax. With its 115 islands you can also enjoy island hopping, hiking and cycling. This way you can combine activity with relaxation! The Seychelles are also known for the many exclusive accommodations that are breathtaking. And what goes along with an exclusive holiday? Travel in style! With an Ultra Long Range jet you fly there without any stop!

Wherever you want to go, we at JetServiceNL, are happy to look for the best suitable private jet for all your (holiday) needs. Who will we see on board with us next time?

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